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20 minutes meditation tool with field recordings of Lantau Island ocean shores and
healing frequencies.

She aligns with the moon, she dances under the sun. 
She floats our dreams, she holds our tears. 
She washes young bodies ashore, she replenishes worn out souls. 
Breath in, take a plunge,
breath out, release. 
Breath in, vision a new reality,
breath out, believe. 
Heal, before tomorrow is being decided for us. 

Note: Lantau Tomorrow Vision is a development project in Hong Kong launched by Chief Executive Carrie Lam in her 2018 policy address which includes constructing artificial islands with a total area of about 1,700 hectares through massive land reclamation near Kau Yi Chau and Hei Ling Chau of the eastern waters of Lantau Island. The project has met with controversy and opposition for its high cost, as well
as environmental concerns.

Ms. Decen Wong
Mr. Leo Wong
Mr. Max To
Mr. Zoen Mung

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